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Vintage Cutler Mail Chute

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Vintage Cutler Mail Chute

A mail chute is a largely defunct letter collection device used

in early multi-storey office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings

and other high rise structures. Letters were dropped from the

upper storeys and collected (usually at the ground level) at

a central depository by the postal service. This innovation

was before the time of the modern “mail room” normally associated

nowadays with high rise buildings. It was for the convenience of

the users of the building so they would not have to take their

mail to an outside mail box or to the post office.

Cutler Mailing Systems started producing these in 1883, with

this particular design used in the 1920’s.

Now you can own your very own Cutler mail chute, at least a piece of one.

Composed of a short base section and long top section.

Dimensions: Short – 50″ & 45″

Long – 62″ & 45″


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