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Rare Henry Dreyfuss 20TH Century Limited Train Car Sconce

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Rare Henry Dreyfuss 20TH Century Limited Train Car Sconce,

Henry Dreyfuss (1904 – 1972) designed this sconce in 1938

for the famous “Twentieth Century Limited” train.

The aluminum fixture hold a frosted glass globe which provided

ambient light, clear circle lense facing left and right provide direct

light for reading or if in a bathroom, applying makeup or shaving.

Manufactured by Luminator Inc of Chicago, the sconce have four

vertical fluted “speed” lines and measure 9 ¾” x 5” wide and 3” deep.

Henry Dreyfuss was one of America’s foremost modern
industrial designers. Starting in 1929 when Henry Dreyfuss
opened his own studio until 1969 when he retired, his modernist
designs touched every aspect of the American public.
This a rare piece of Americana that would be a perfect edition
for any train memorabilia collector. Front and main housing are
in wonderful condition, but back plate is broken near switch housing,
this could be an easy fix with some JB Weld, and light is missing
original flip on/off switch. Even with its minor
flaws this is still a beautiful collectors piece.

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