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All Good Things Come To An End: The Belleview Biltmore

All Good Things Come To An End: The Belleview Biltmore

The Belleview Biltmore
All Good Things Come To An End:
The Belleview Biltmore Hotel is one of those special storybook tales, of grandeur, history, power and beauty. Schiller Salvage had the special privilege to experience all her charming traits first hand. When news of the Biltmore’s demise broke we were there from the beginning to help with making her loss a little less hurtful. Gaining salvage rights to the majority of the architectural features and a few hidden surprises. The painstaking process started with assessing and marking what would be salvaged. Then retrieving those items to be categorized, priced, then to the sales floor.
Along this 14 month journey there have been a few hidden surprises, literally. During the demo phase of the project, Schiller’s discovered hidden walls with original windows and features, preserved in all its early glory. Victorian style arched windows that will once again have starry eyes peering through them dreaming of a beguiling life.
Under the hotel lay countless tunnels and rooms highlighting a vast subterranean world that was the lifeline that kept the Biltmore beating. We discovered artifact remnants of the workers daily lives, from hand made work tables, desks and old wood cooler doors with decades of
Now that the project is coming to a close and we set our eyes on the next big adventure in salvage, we can finally step back and take in the importance of what we’ve done. Also realizing, all good things come to an end, but live on through the dedicated art of reclamation.
Written By: Steve Kroslak

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