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Giant Santa Claus

Giant Santa Claus

We all remember seeing these larger than life statues on many a road trip, roadside attractions as they were called. These spectacles made the long grueling drives tolerable and even exciting at times if your parents pulled over to take a photo. There was Paul Bunyan, astronauts, giant women, burger guy, elephants and even Santa!

Made from marine grade fiberglass and manufactured by boat builders during the 50’s and early 60’s. Boat yards sought ways to supplement the periods when boat building was slow, with molds either purchased or handmade they set to create our best childhood memories. One of these companies originated in New Hampshire and owned a mold for a waiving Santa Claus. They only produced 6 of these 16 foot behemoths during 1964, most remaining in the northeastern part of the country.

Doing what Schiller’s does best, sifting through our contacts and following a couple leads, we stumble across an eccentric home owner who had a large collection of carnival and circus collectables. Larry set off to the North Florida to do a scout mission and see first hand what she had and what she be willing to part with. In the backwoods and vine covered jungle of Florida peered a blue tarp with something massive beneath it. On closer inspection slumbered a giant bearded man, none other than Santa himself. We figured he came to Florida on vacation and like most northern transplants, stayed! Definitely this was a must have for Schiller’s, with a little convincing he was on his way to our store!

Now the slumbering giant stands in front of the Schiller warehouse, looking upon every good girl and boy. With a little investigating, we believe this was a former Florida Xmas store parking lot display. He could be seen waiving from I-75 and entice one to stop in.

Hopefully he’ll find a new home, one that can restore him back to his former glory. If he’s still here by Christmas, he’ll definitely make the perfect family Christmas card backdrop for 2017!



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