Architectural Salvage

If you're looking for a replacement part for your old house or if you're just looking for some interesting hardware for an artsy're in the right place because you're bound to find it in our warehouse. Even though our inventory is constantly evolving, we always have a big ol' supply of reclaimed; doors, windows, columns, pediments, rosettes, key plates, door plates, door knobs, hinges, pulleys, finials, bolts, screws and of course a never ending supply of those things that nobody really knows what it was originally intended for anyway..we have those.

Click on the links and pictures below to see even more of our fabulous salvage finds.

This section is a catch all for all sorts of items you would find in and on an old home. Corbels, pediments, fireplace surrounds, headers, rosettes, crown molding, fluted casing, etc....