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About US

Starting over 30 years ago as a personal collection, Schiller’s has amassed a collection of architectural embellishments and designer merchandise.

Salvaging the old and new has created an eclectic and quirky, hodgepodge array of items from various historical periods – including today.

We take pleasure in our wacky finds.  Antiques.  Vintage pieces.  Outdoor elements.  And Artwork.

If it is a hunt that you are after – say, a piece of salvaged wood for the perfect table, then Schiller’s is the place for you.  Our inventory is constantly changing.

Prior to demolishing a building, renovating or “gutting” an apartment/condo conversion or removing a mantle or front door that fails to meet code and so on –  Please consider contacting us first by email or phone at 813-443-4641.


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